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Seminars Available at Rumble Martial Arts

We usually do a couple of seminars each year from a variety of Guests and Covering a variety of topics. We've had Prof. Jones's old teammate, and former UFC Fighter, Mark "The Machine" Hominick out for a Striking Seminar, Judo Black Belts, Multiple Wrestling Coaches and more. 

 April 9th, 2022 - LEG LOCK SEMINAR 

April 9 2022 BJJ MMA Leg Lock Seminar Keswick Ontario LQThumb Web.jpg

2:00pm to 4:00pm

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Leg Lock Seminar

No Gi Leg Lock Seminar by 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt

We've got a Leg Lock Seminar for everyone that'll be covering the modern game of Leg Attacks and positions including Backside 50/50, K Guard, False reap, Imanaris, etc. brought to you by Rumble Martial Arts and 4th Degree Black Belt Professor Steve Lin. 

Professor Steve is teaching the same Seminar a couple weeks before this and it sold out FAST (first week) so don’t wait to get your ticket. Sign up early (before April 1st) and also Save $10! 

We asked him about beginners attending and he said that he’ll be going through these topics (listed above) from the ground up and that everything he’s teaching is very cutting edge so it’ll all be brand-new for everyone.  - So BEGINNERS ARE VERY WELCOME!

Combat Sports (especially Grappling) is like War throughout history. New developments and advancements can make a HUGE difference (ie. Sticks vs. Swords, Nukes, etc.). You don’t want to go into battle with a Sword while the other side has Machine Guns. :) 

Our head instructor started out in MMA and has been doing leg locks since 2000. We’ve always done leg-locks here as well since starting out in Georgina back in ‘08 but they don’t get as much attention in our curriculum because there’s SO MUCH to learn in all aspects of Grappling. 

This is a great opportunity to put some sharp focus & reps into Leg-Locks and “arm yourself” with the latest tech. 
Our student Kale once competed in a division that was aloud to do leg locks but his purple belt opponents didn’t train leg locks. He won 4 matches in less than 2 minutes to take the gold that day.

You can sign up for this via our Front Desk or through our website ("Seminars" in the main menu). 

If you miss out on this seminar you legs may never forgive you so we hope to see you all there! :) 
AND, as Dean Lister famously said when the Jiu-Jitsu community use to condemn him for attacking legs before they became ‘in style’; “Why would you ignore 50% of the Human Body” :) 

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