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Georgina's Premier Boot Camp Program Featuring Fitness Kick boxing, Cross Fit, Kettle Bells, Stability Balls, Slam Balls, Battle Ropes, Weights, and Much Much More!

The Battle Girl Bootcamp Program is a mix of everything and anything that works including Crossfit, Plyo, Kettle Bells, Battle Rope Workouts, HIIT workouts, and of course Fitness Kickboxing for that fantastic full-body burn filled with endorphins and stress relief!

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Try Our Women's Only Battle Girl Bootcamp Program and I Will Do Everything in My Power to Get You Results!

You Can
Get in Amazing Shape!
Fantastic Stress Relief!
Lose Weight Fast!
Tone Up!

I will do everything possible to give you the best results you could ever get. That's what we offer here; Results. It's MUCH more than just a class or a program. It's like Personal Training in a Team Environment... if that makes sense   You get all the benefits of a Personal Training with our Highly Trained Instructors and the benefits of a Team environment providing additional support to help encourage you to keep moving forward toward your goals.  You'll become part of our Team and Family.

Join Our Amazing Team and You'll Get...


Free bonus training for Just Walking in The Door to Help Get You Started


Free Uniform so you look sharp starting your Journey to a Healthier, Stronger and Fitter You


Free Private Lesson to Make Sure you Get the Most out of Our Program. During this Private Lesson we Go over the Basics of the Kickboxing Portion of the Program to Ensure that You Start Your First Class off Strong. This also ensures that our Classes Run Smooth. We do this so that, when you sign up and are training hard, we don't have to go over the Basics every time a New Student comes in to the Program (over and over again). We Make sure the Program always runs smooth for you.


Free Personal Assessment. We do a personal assessment to see where we're starting. Sometimes the though of this frightens people but we LOVE IT if you have difficulty doing these exercises. It makes us feel fantastic, as Coaches, when you destroy these starting numbers in the future on your Road to the Best Shape You've Ever Been in!


Free Daily Fitness and Nutrition Emails. I will personally Send you an Email EVERY DAY to help keep you on Track and give you the best tips possible on your fitness and nutrition. These emails include MANY things (THEY'RE EVERY DAY) from good late night snacks, recipes, weekly challenges, etc.


Sample Meal Plan. Once again, we're going to do everything possible to get you in the best shape of your life and a HUGE part of this is what you eat. We provide a Free Sample Meal plan to get you started with ideas and, with the addition of our Daily Emails we are definitely setting you up for Success!


Free Body Fat Analysis (BFA). We do this every 3 months to track your progress. This is the best way to track progress since Muscle weighs more than fat. The BFA gives you a proper analisis of your Body Fat


Free Body Measurements. We do this along with the BFA every 3 months and, once again, this is one of the best measurements of results. Your measurements, along with your BFA, will give you the most accurate results possible. Much better than weighing yourself on the scale


Monthly Testing and Goal Setting. We set Goals for you each month and have a reward system in place that keeps you on track and moving towards those goals. Goals, and staying motivated toward those goals, mean the difference between making it to the end and only lasting a month or two


A Dynamic Program where you will never see the same class twice! Another issue with motivation is that many people get board over time. We keep the program fresh and exciting to keep things interesting and keep your body guessing


Trickery - Our Head Instructor, Coach Jones, was a high-level athlete for years and a Member of Team Canada (where he won Bronze for Team Canada at the World Championships in Spain) and, from that experience, he's learned many tricks over the years to get the best results possible and accomplish high-level goals


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Voted #1 Fitness Gym in Georgina

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Get 30 Days

Fitness & Nutrition Sample Email Tips

Every Month is a structured Fitness Challenge to Keep you Motivated and on Track!


Classes starting as early as 5:35am, running through the Daytime and Multiple times throughout the evening until as late as 9:15pm


Nadia, Teacher & Mother

Most people join a bootcamp class to lose weight.  Others want to tone up or some do it for conditioning reasons.  I did it just to get out of the house and have fun!  And I can truthfully say that I’ve enjoyed every minute.  Moreover, I looked forward to attending the Battle Girl Bootcamp class.  As a new mother who was always putting others’ needs before her own, it was so refreshing to do something for no one else but myself.  It is obvious that Coach Adam brings a lot of knowledge and experience to this program.  I think most of my classmates would agree that this program strikes a great balance between honing one’s kickboxing technique, challenging fitness levels and just plain fun!  Coach Adam kept me motivated by implementing monthly goals.  He always offered constructive feedback and positive reinforcement, and also availed himself for questions regarding our own personal fitness goals.


Lynsey, Business Owner & Mother

I started training at this gym in September 2013 in the Level 1 Battle Girl Bootcamp. I did this by myself, stepping completely out of my comfort zone. From the first time I stepped foot in this gym I was made to feel comfortable. The coaches here are amazing, encouraging and inspiring. The staff is AMAZING and soo helpful. I have dropped 4 pant sizes and many inches and am now in the MMA program. This place is honestly amazing and I am so glad I made the call.


Veronica D.

I’ve lost and kept off over 60 pounds! If you are looking for a place with awesome coaches, amazing support system, constant encouragement from coaches/teammates and people of all skill levels working together then Rumble Martial Arts is the place for you. If you come in to check the place out you will not be disappointed, I know I have never regretted it.  If you are still not sure about it then before you say “this is not for me” call Rumble to set up a intro lesson and you will see for yourself just what they have to offer.”


Dani, Model/Trainer

The BEST gym in town for fitness, kickboxing and brazilian jiu-jitsu! Rumble MMA has a fantastic atmosphere, tons of diverse classes, a VERY successful competition team and classes for everyone. I've been training here since 2012 and I love this place!




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