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Welcome to Georgina's premier Women's Only Kickboxing and Boot Camp Fitness Program, offering unique programming showcasing everything that gets results and keep you consistent; including kick boxing, CrossFit, Kettle Bells, Stability Balls, Slam Balls, Battle Ropes, Weights, and more. Join us for the best fitness training experience in Keswick, Ontario.

"Try us out Absolutely RISK FREE with nothing to sign or buy."

Our Battle Girl Bootcamp Program combines the best of CrossFit, Plyometrics, Kettle Bells, Battle Rope Workouts, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Fitness Kickboxing for a comprehensive fitness regimen. Experience a full-body workout that burns calories and releases endorphins for stress relief.

Try Our Women's Only Battle Girl Bootcamp Program and I Will Do Everything in My Power to Get You Results!


You Can
Get in Amazing Shape!
Fantastic Stress Relief!
Lose Weight Fast!
Tone Up!

I will do everything possible to give you the best results you could ever get. That's what we offer here; Results. It's MUCH more than just a class or a program. It's like Personal Training in a Team Environment... if that makes sense   You get all the benefits of a Personal Training with our Highly Trained Instructors and the benefits of a Team environment providing additional support to help encourage you to keep moving forward toward your goals.  You'll become part of our Team and Family.

Join Our Amazing Team and You'll Get...


Kickstart your fitness journey with us and enjoy a complimentary bonus training session just for walking in the door.


Join our fitness community and start your journey to a healthier, stronger, and fitter you in style with a free uniform provided on day one.


Free Private Lesson to Make Sure you Get the Most out of Our Program. During this Private Lesson we Go over the Basics of the Kickboxing Portion of the Program to Ensure that You Start Your First Class off Strong. This also ensures that our Classes Run Smooth. We do this so that, when you sign up and are training hard, we don't have to go over the Basics every time a New Student comes in to the Program (over and over again). We Make sure the Program always runs smooth for you.


We start with a free personal assessment to gauge your current fitness level. Don't worry about initial challenges - we celebrate every milestone you surpass on your journey to peak fitness!


Stay motivated and informed with our free daily fitness and nutrition emails. Our trainers personally send you a variety of tips, including healthy late-night snack ideas and weekly fitness challenges.


Nutrition is a crucial part of your fitness journey. To assist you, we provide a free sample meal plan. Along with our daily fitness and nutrition emails, we're here to set you up for success!


Along with the BFA, we take free body measurements every three months. These measurements, combined with your BFA, offer a comprehensive view of your progress, providing a more accurate measure than just a scale.


Free Body Measurements. We do this along with the BFA every 3 months and, once again, this is one of the best measurements of results. Your measurements, along with your BFA, will give you the most accurate results possible. Much better than weighing yourself on the scale


We believe in the power of goal setting. Each month, we set new goals for you and have a reward system to keep you motivated. Staying focused on these goals can make the difference between a fleeting interest and a long-term commitment to fitness.


Experience a dynamic and ever-changing program where no two classes are the same! We keep our program fresh and exciting to maintain your motivation and challenge your body.


Our head instructor, Coach Jones, brings a wealth of experience to our program. A former high-level athlete and member of Team Canada both as a competitor (Medaled at the Worlds in Spain and California) and later Team Canada Coach, Coach Jones uses his extensive knowledge to help our members achieve the best results possible and accomplish high-level goals



Every Month is a structured Fitness Challenge to Keep you Motivated and on Track!


Classes starting as early as 5:35am, running through the Daytime and Multiple times throughout each evening until as late as 9:15pm




Nadia, Teacher & Mother

Most people join a bootcamp class to lose weight.  Others want to tone up or some do it for conditioning reasons.  I did it just to get out of the house and have fun!  And I can truthfully say that I’ve enjoyed every minute.  Moreover, I looked forward to attending the Battle Girl Bootcamp class.  As a new mother who was always putting others’ needs before her own, it was so refreshing to do something for no one else but myself.  It is obvious that Coach Adam brings a lot of knowledge and experience to this program.  I think most of my classmates would agree that this program strikes a great balance between honing one’s kickboxing technique, challenging fitness levels and just plain fun!  Coach Adam kept me motivated by implementing monthly goals.  He always offered constructive feedback and positive reinforcement, and also availed himself for questions regarding our own personal fitness goals.


Lynsey, Business Owner & Mother

I started training at this gym in September 2013 in the Level 1 Battle Girl Bootcamp. I did this by myself, stepping completely out of my comfort zone. From the first time I stepped foot in this gym I was made to feel comfortable. The coaches here are amazing, encouraging and inspiring. The staff is AMAZING and soo helpful. I have dropped 4 pant sizes and many inches and am now in the MMA program. This place is honestly amazing and I am so glad I made the call.


Veronica D.

I’ve lost and kept off over 60 pounds! If you are looking for a place with awesome coaches, amazing support system, constant encouragement from coaches/teammates and people of all skill levels working together then Rumble Martial Arts is the place for you. If you come in to check the place out you will not be disappointed, I know I have never regretted it.  If you are still not sure about it then before you say “this is not for me” call Rumble to set up a intro lesson and you will see for yourself just what they have to offer.”


Dani, Model/Trainer

The BEST gym in town for fitness, kickboxing and brazilian jiu-jitsu! Rumble MMA has a fantastic atmosphere, tons of diverse classes, a VERY successful competition team and classes for everyone. I've been training here since 2012 and I love this place!




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