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Contest Time!!!


Hey everyone, with everything going on we're trying to do something fun for everyone and offer up some big prizes. All proceeds will be used to help support the gym while they're forced to be closed during this time. All of the contest details are below but If you have any questions please email Thanks for playing!

Elizebethe :)

Rumble Martial Arts Manager

Raffle Information

Important Dates, How to Play, Prize Details

Rumble Martial Arts Shield Logo Brazilia


Blue Fireworks


Blue Fireworks


3 Grand Prizes Packages to Choose From!

KB Basket

16oz Boxing Gloves ($50 Value)

Custom Thai Pads ($150 Value and our last set)

1 Month Free ($90 Value)


Blue Fireworks


BJJ Basket

16oz Boxing Gloves ($50 Value)

Thai Pads ($150 Value and our last set)

1 Month Free ($90 Value)


MMA Basket

Kings Gi or Thai Pads ($150 Value)

Rash Guard or 16oz Gloves ($50 Value)

1 Month Free ($90 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = $265-$295

Rumble Bracelet ($5 Value)

Mini Liquor Bottle ($15 Value)

Rumble "Everlast" Shirt  ($20 Value)

Cooler/Beer Mix ($10 Value)


Rumble "Everlast" Shirt  ($20 Value)

Liquor Bottle ($50 Value)

RUN DMC Sweater ($50 Value)

Cooler/Beer Mix ($30 Value)


2nd Prize

Rumble Basket

3rd Prize

Rumble Mini Basket



- Spin the Wheel

- Your Tickets = the Height of the Coach it lands on


15 Tickets


- Spin the Wheel

- Your Tickets = the ARM LENGTH of the Coach it lands on


5 Tickets


How to Play:

​​Step 1: Choose one of the 4 Purchase Options ($50, $25, $10 and $5)

Step 2: If you choose one of the first 2 options for raffle tickets (height or arm length of one of our Coaches) we will spin our raffle wheel in your honor (Covid safe) to see what Coach you land on. This could either be Coach Duncan (6'11 and a half!) or myself (Elizebethe; an intimidating 5'0 :) - OR, If you choose one of the last two options we will just notify you of when your raffle tickets have been put in the Raffle Bowl. :)

Step 3: We'll take a quick video of us Spinning the Raffle Wheel to determine which Coach's Height or Arm Length you'll be using and tag you on Instagram or Facebook so you can see the all the excitement and what you got :)

BONUS Step 4?! :) - If you get someone who is a non-member to purchase tickets then you will instantly gain 5 tickets for the main draw and also be eligible to win our "Bonus Draw"! Non-members can also participate in this bonus by referring other non-members (all details below).

Important Dates:

Saturday January 18th, 2021

Tickets become available and can be purchased right here:

Friday Feb 12th 2021

Last day to purchase tickets for the raffle

Saturday February 13th, 2021

Raffle is drawn and the winners are announced for both the main draw and the big Bonus Draw.



How to Play to Bonus Game:

Each time a non-member states that you referred them to the raffle contest you will automatically gain 5 extra tickets towards the main prize. The non-member must put your name in the note section of the payment that you referred them for. If there seems to be an issue they must email to let us know that you referred them before end of day for it to count. The Bonus Grand Prize is for the person who "sells the most tickets". The amount of tickets the non-member bought is what will be counted towards your total for the Grand Prize. Non-members CAN participate and refer other non-members to get in on this bonus draw.


The Bonus Prize: Value = $120+

  • Additional 15 tickets for main prize ($15 Value)

  • 15% Off Coupon for any Gear (Value can vary)

  • A Month FREE (2 classes per week) ($90 Value)

  • A pair of hand wraps or a mouth guard ($14 Value)


The Main Rumble Raffle:


All raffle sales are final. Video's will be taken of our wheel spins to determine the ticket lengths as well as the final draws. We'll be putting these videos up on Facebook/Instagram. We would love to tag you when we're getting your tickets so that you can see your wheel spin so please let us know your social media name if applicable (not required). If you wish for further proof please email because we'll keep the videos.

The Bonus "refer a non-member" Grand Prize:


Minimum tickets "sold" must be 100 before eligible for the grand prize. A sell is considered if the person who is buying the tickets writes in the referral section that you referred them. It can not be done after the tickets have already been purchased. If they are having issues with the referral section they can contact us though email, facebook, or instagram to let us know that you referred them before they buy the tickets. You will get an extra 1-time bonus of 5 tickets right away to go towards the main draw for every unique non-member that you bring into the draw.


Rumble Martial Arts reserves the right to cancel this raffle at any point. 

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