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Women's Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp Instructor


We are a Combat Sports Facility specializing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Fitness, Wrestling, Judo and Kids Programming. 

We are looking for an Instructor for our Women’s Only “Battle Girl Bootcamp” Fitness Program. 


This program offers our students a ‘conditioning day’ which could involves a bootcamp/cross-fit style of workout and a fitness kickboxing day which isn't a ‘fighters class’ - it’s fitness kickboxing with the primary focus being a hard workout. If you don’t have any kickboxing experience, we have kickboxing classes available for the right candidate. Students work with primarily heavy bags right now (due to Covid) but without government regulations it's primarily Thai pads.


We offer a lot of classes and even if you're only able to teach 1 or 2 times a week it's still worth applying. We currently offer programming as early as 5:35am, classes throughout the daytime and evenings as late as 9:30pm. We also have 3 mat spaces and lots of classes are available and we also have 3 mat spaces.

We're located in Keswick Ontario which can look scary on a map for those that are further south but it's a very fast and easy drive (Less than 40 minutes from Markham - 13 minutes north of Newmarket). Although it looks far it's faster to get to than driving 3 blocks in the city. :)



We pay our top instructors very well. A starting rate is $25 and we’re happy to increase it from there for someone that’s able to adopt our system and keep students in the classes. If someone has extensive experience, specialties or good “credibility indicators” that can help with increasing the rate faster. Especially the “credibility indicators” of accomplishments which could be used for our marketing to get students into the classes. Prior kickboxing experience would also help with this.



  • Plan and run regularly scheduled classes

  • Teach and Motivate students to achieve their goals.

  • Follow our curriculum outline to create your programming. Our curriculum is always evolving and open to additions. 

  • Monthly testing and goal setting for students (part of our current programming)

  • Follow our general program outlines, business systems and policies

  • Doing daily retention, follow ups, and check-ins. Doing retention is very important - it’s our job to get students into the class and your job to keep them there. 

  • We do have an intensive instructor training program that is required for every instructor at our facility to take in order to help, learn and understand our systems, why we do certain things and how to be a stronger teacher.



  • Health and Fitness is an enthusiastic part of your lifestyle 

  • Being a Team Member and caring about the success of the Gym and Team over the Individual 

  • Attitude is Everything - Personable, friendly, motivating, funny, high energy and the ability to follow our ‘recipe for success’. 

  • Striking experience is a great asset but not absolutely required as we can help get you up to speed on teaching this aspect


How to Apply: 

  • Please send a resume along with any social media accounts you may want to share, photos or videos for us to check out to boloinvest (at) > (all written together properly. We only wrote it weird to avoid web bots obtaining and spamming it)

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