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Kru / Professor / Coach Adam Jones

Professor Jones is a rare instructor who's not just knowledgeable in one aspect of combat sports but he's become very proficient and competed in multiple as well. He was a Competitor for Team Canada multiple times (as a Striker and as a Grappler), Medaled at Multiple World Championships (as a Striker and a Grappler), Coached at Multiple World Championships (for Striking and Grappling), trained, taught and competed all around the World with Rumble Martial Arts home-grown Keswick Athletes in places like Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Africa, Philippines, Dubai, China, Mexico, Ireland, all across Europe, America, Canada, etc. 

A big life changing moment for him was August of 2011. His trainer, manager, mentor, friend and even roommate for multiple years, Shawn Tompkins, passed away suddenly at the age of 37. He had two separate funerals (one in London Ontario and one in Vegas) because he was such a big name in the Combat Sports world. His funeral in London was held in a big theater and it was packed. It was ‘standing room only’ and even the parking lot was packed during the service because the theater was full. 

It was at Shawn’s funeral and thinking about the giant impact that he had on Prof. Jones’s life and  the lives of so many others that Prof. Jones decided that he wanted to open a gym in his hometown to try and have the same impact on his home community in the same way that Shawn had on him (and so many others). Shawn passed away in August of 2011 and our first gym location in January 2012. 


Professor Jones
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Coach Jason

Jason’s martial arts journey started as a secondary sport after spending 7 years in Europe playing rugby. He took Brazillin Jiu Jitsu as a way to stay in shape during the off-season, but during that time he became hooked on grappling and it quickly became his new passion. After competing and winning his first white belt tournament 2 weeks into training, he began training and competing in amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai events. As time went on, the next logical step for Jason was to enter MMA. Now a veteran of 7 MMA fights from multiple federations, Jason is still actively competing and enjoys sharing his experience with others in the classes that he teaches.


He has won an MMA Championship Belt from Flo Full Contact Productions in New York and a whopping 3 MMA Championship Belts from Victory MMA also in the United States.


Coach Jay
In Ring Fight Pic-Thumb.jpg
Coach Ardeshir

Ardeshir is a well established fighter and coach. Raised in Iran, he fought his way onto the Iranian National Kickboxing team and fought to win Gold in both the ISKA World Championship and the WAKO World Championship.


 Ardeshir has also brought home the title of IASKA Amateur K1 World Cup Champion in 2017. A well trained fighter, and a well trained teacher, Ardeshir looks to share his combat knowledge and experience with his kickboxing students in each engaging class he runs.


Ardeshir has fought in:

  • WKO International Kickboxing Championship - Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2010 Medeterranian Kickboxing Championships - Antalya, Turkey

  • IASKA World Cup (2 times)

  • ISKA World Championships (3 times)

  • ISKA Iran Championships (2 times)


Coach Ardeshir
Master Steve Lin
Master Steve

Professor Lin is a third degree BJJ black belt and lifelong Martial Artist with over 30 years of experience in combat sports, including experience in BJJ, Judo, Karate and Kung-Fu. Having competed successfully in Canada and the United States at the National and International level, Professor Lin combines his experience as an athlete and competitor with his passion for sharing an art he truly loves with his students. He is respected as one of the BEST, MOST technical, and accomplished BJJ instructors in Canada.

In addition to being a Martial Artist, Professor Lin is also an Engineering Science graduate from the University of Toronto, and an accomplished Visual Artist. With this background, his patient approach to teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling is both technical and creative. Professor Lin's progressive, unique teaching style makes the art fun and easy to learn.

His own competitive experience includes Medals at:

  • NAGA World Championships, Expert Division

  • Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Canadian Trials

  • Can-American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships

  • Arnold Schwarzennegger Gracie World Championships

He has coached athletes to medals in:

  • IBJJF No-Gi World Championships

  • Abu Dhabi Pro World Championships - North American Trials

  • NAGA World Championships

  • Can-American BJJ Championships

  • Relson Gracie BJJ US Nationals

  • Copa Atlantica BJJ Championships

  • Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitationals (OSWI)

  • Joslin’s Canadian Open Championship

  • GTA Grappling Championships

  • Bravado BJJ Championship

  • Ontario Submission Wrestling Grand Prix

  • Ontario Open BJJ Championship

  • Grappling Industries Toronto Open

  • IBJJF Boston Open


Coach Dani

Dani began coaching and training when the gym first opened in 2011, and is currently the longest working employee. She has taught every type of program available at Rumble - Kickboxing, Intro and Advanced Youth, Tiny Ninjas, Teen Kickboxing, Teen BJJ, Combat Core BJJ and Advanced BJJ, and Boxing. Dani trained for 5 years in all men's classes, and competed in male divisions at only 16 years old, medaling in every single male division that she competed in. 


She teaches in many high schools across the York and Durham District school boards, teaching the self defense units for both male and female classes in the physical education curriculum. She is an established model, appearing in advertisements for Joe Boxer, Neutrogena, Fido, Cineplex, FIFA and many more big brands. She has been featured multiple times on Global News (nation-wide), local papers and on the local Rogers television network for her training and teaching at Rumble.

Since the popularity has grown for females in combat sports, she has proceeded to win over 30 medals (including belts and trophies) in tournaments around the world before receiving her purple belt in 2018.There would not be enough space to list every tournament, but just a few of her accomplishments include:

  • Winning 9 Gold Medals, 2 trophies, 1 silver and 1 bronze in under 7 weeks (Featured in the News)

  • Double Gold at Ontario Provincial Championships

  • Gold at UAEJJF Canada National Pro in Montreal

  • Gold at UAEJJF North American Continental Pro in New York

  • Representing Canada in the UAEJJF World Championships in Abu Dhabi

  • Double Gold in NAGA World Championships

  • Silver in the IBJJF No GI Pan American Championships

  • Double Gold in Fuji NJ State Championships

  • Double Gold in NAGA West Coast Championship-Arizona

  • Gold in Newbreed Long Island Open

  • Gold in Multiple Grappling Industries - Toronto

  • Gold in IBJJF Las Vegas Summer Open


Coach Dani
Coach Kale
Coach Kale

An experienced grappler and striker with stellar ground-and-pound technique, Kale has brought back many wins in both grappling and striking. He is an experienced MMA fighter with an amateur 3 - 1 record, dominating with all 3 wins by TKO. Coach Kale takes his in-cage experience and brings it to his striking and bjj classes, specializing in leg locks and arm locks. 


He has competed and won in:

  • Multiple Grappling Industries Events - Toronto

  • Ontario Open 2018 - Toronto

  • Five Grappling 2015 - Toronto

  • Heroes Fight League - Ottawa

  • Amataur MMA Championships - London


Coach Jess
Coach Jess

Coach Jessica’s time at Rumble Martial Arts has been an emotional journey. She started out training here because her friend recommended training here and he unfortunately passed away shortly after - She decided to continue training here in memory of her friend. 


She’s achieved many goals training at Rumble and, through her own progress, she has started helping others achieve their goals through her experience. Her weight has been as high as 220lbs and as low as 135lbs but she feels her best at 145-150lbs range. 


Jessica is also a student that’s had a great improvement in her physical and mental health in every aspect of her life. She started training for self-defense - and not only learned to defend herself against average people but she’s gone on to compete and prove her ability and win against other trained athletes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

She has competed and medaled in:

  • The Quest Jiu Jitsu - Peterborough

  • Ontario Open - Toronto

  • Grappling Industries - Toronto

  • NextGen - Toronto

  • Budo Open - Sudbury


Coach Veronica
Coach V

Veronica didn’t start out at Rumble as a Coach; she’s been through the system, she’s learned the skills and has shown that she knows what it takes to get the results! She started at Rumble in the Battle Girl Bootcamp Program and then she also started training, and then competing, in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The amazing thing about Coach Veronica is that she’s not someone that was already fit, she’s been through a fitness Journey and she’s someone that’s “Walked the Walk”.


Veronica has been coaching in multiple sports over the past 25 years with both children and adults - from bowling to basketball, softball to soccor. She is most known for her exponential weight loss dropping 60 pounds through hard work and determination. She looks to motivate her students who are also looking to lose weight, and share her experience and knowledge from overcoming such a big challenge.


Having lost and maintained a 60 lb weight loss in helping to also lower the amount of migraines significantly, Veronica has also completed 3 half marathons and has competed in multiple BJJ tournaments.

Veronica is an ISSA certified personal trainer and continues to work towards more certifications like nutrition, and strength and conditioning.


Coach Duncan
Coach Duncan

Training since 2013, Duncan Mackay trains in every part of MMA - striking, wrestling and grappling - but he quickly fell in love with Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and is an active grappling competitor representing Rumble Martial Arts. 


His love for the sport led him to coaching, where he taught a wide range of classes, from Youth to Adult. Despite being big (6 foot 10 inches), he focuses on technique over size and strives to achieve the perfect balance of skill and strength. In his 6 years he has developed a brutal guard-passing game and a formidable Arm Triangle.


These skills have brought him many wins in tournaments, and he looks to share his techniques in his classes. Over the course of his training he also managed to lose over 80lbs and get down from 330lbs to a weight of 250lbs.

Some of Duncan’s competitive accomplishments include:

  • Double Gold at the UAEJJF Canada National Pro - Montreal

  • Several Gold Medals at Multiple Grappling Industries Events

  • Double Gold at Ontario Provincial Championship - Toronto

  • Silver and Bronze in Ontario Open


Coach Spencer
Coach Spencer

Spencer started his journey in martial arts as a teen, training in Kickboxing, Judo, Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu. The training got put on pause while “life and partying” kicked in. After starting a few successful businesses Spencer then realised that he had taken on a lot of unhealthy habits and was also now very out of shape. After a lot of deliberation and procrastination, Coach Spencer took all 230lbs of himself to Rumble Martial Arts to resume the martial arts journey. After quitting alcohol and smoking, Coach Spencer then used Jiu Jitsu as a new vice to relieve the daily pressure of life. As of 2020, he is the quickest student to receive his BJJ blue belt and is an active competitor. Coach Spencer has dropped 70lbs to reach 160lbs and hasn’t looked back. He now looks to use his story to help anyone in search for themselves and some guidance. 


Alongside BJJ, MMA and Kickboxing, Spencer has also previously trained:

  • Commando Krav maga

  • XSD

  • Gun Defence

  • Knife Defence

  • Stick Defence

  • Medieval Sword

  • Wrestling

  • Judo 


“As a coach, I strive to do the following:

  • Help guide people to find the motivation within themselves.

  • Teach the power of basics and fundamentals.

  • Spread the importance of self respect

  • Slowing down the moves to fully understand the concepts being taught

  • Become a mentor to people who have been through similar situations in life

  • Spread Peace and Love.”


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