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Striking Instructor Muay Thai - Kickboxing - MMA


We are a Combat Sports Facility specializing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Fitness, Wrestling, Judo and Kids Programming. 


We're located in Keswick Ontario (13minutes North of Newmarket). 


We are looking for a striking instructor with experience in Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts. We offer Boxing classes as well but not as many as the other forms of Striking. If you are versatile there are even more classes to teach (able to teach youth, teens, women only, any grappling experience, etc.). 





We pay very well to top instructors but, in this industry, it’s very dependent on your qualifications. Experience as an athlete, credentials, fight record, accomplishments, ability to teach, etc. Especially the “credibility indicators” of accomplishments that can make it easier to market and get students into the classes. We also have 3 mat spaces and a lot of classes available to teach. 





  • - Plan and run regularly scheduled classes

  • - Teach and Motivate students to achieve their goals.

  • - Follow our curriculum outline to create your programming. Our curriculum is always evolving and open to additions. 

  • - Follow our general program, business systems and policies

  • - Doing daily retention, follow ups, and check-ins. Willing to do retention is very important - it’s our job to get students into the class and your job to keep them there. 

  • - We do have an intensive instructor training program that is required for every instructor at our facility to take in order to help, learn and understand our systems and why we do certain things. This program also teaches cutting edge and high-level skills on how to Coach and teach combat sports. 





  • - “Credibility Indicators” - How many titles, medals or championships have you won and under what promotions? None of these mean you’re a good coach but it helps us bring students into the classes. Then it’s your job to keep them there. Photos would be required or we could take some. 

  • - Striking Experience - preferably along the lines of MMA, Muay Thai or Kickboxing. We pride ourselves on being real Kickboxers teaching real Kickboxing. No fitness Fads like iLoveKickboxing, Turbo Jam or Thai-Bo here. 

  • - This posting is for a striking instructor but if you have any additional experience in other primary elements of Mixed Martial Arts (Wrestling, BJJ, Judo, etc.) please let us know what your level of experience is in those arts as well. 

  • - Being a Team Member and caring about the success of the Gym and Team over the Individual 

  • - Attitude is Everything - Personable, friendly, motivating, funny, high energy and the ability to follow our ‘recipe for success’. 

  • - Fight and In-Ring Experience since you’ll be teaching and training athletes to fight.




How to Apply: 

- Apply through here with a resume, description or list of accomplishments. Along with links of any photos or videos for us to check out. 

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