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Keswick Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Fitness Bootcamp and More!



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Vince Lombardi


Rumble Martial Arts located in Keswick Ontario and serving Georgina as the premier Martial Arts gym since 2008!

Rumble Martial Arts here in Keswick offers a LARGE variety of programs including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Dutch Kickboxing, Battle Girl Bootcamp, Women's Only Fitness Programs that Features Fitness Kick-Boxing, Women's Only Self-Defense, Kids Karate, an After School Program, Summer Camps, Judo, Wrestling, (just to name a few) and MUCH MUCH MORE!

We offer over 38 Different programs and with each program there are many different options to let you customize your experience at the number one gym in Keswick.




Georgina's Largest Combat Sports Facily
As early as 5:35am, throughout the day and as late as 11:00pm

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417 The Queensway S. Unit 102 Keswick Ontario
Tel: 905-476-6621

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Laura, Mom

I'm FINALLY below 200lbs!! Thanks to Rumble Martial Arts and the amazing coaches and hell, can't forget the awesome kick-ass women in class! Haven't been this weight in over 5 years! Woo!

Aaron, (Became the CASK Provincial, National and North American Kickboxing Champion under Rumble)

Rumble Martial Arts is just what the Georgina area needed. Whether your interest is in: Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA or fitness, Rumble provides an atmosphere that breeds success. I can guarantee if you put in the hard work then your results will exceed even  your own expectations. I can confidently know that everyday I train at Rumble that I am laying the foundation for a superior combatant. I am aware that my personal progression as a martial arts student requires the tutelage of an instructor and with Coach Jones in my corner, I have a surplus of knowledge acquired through actual experience. It is without a doubt that Rumble Martial Arts was the right move for me.

April, Mother

Tyler had a bully at school, and it had been going on for a while and he was rough with him. He used his words first but then it got physical. He blocked all the shots, pinned the bully to the ground and said "please don't go there". So I'm quite impressed with him where normally he would lash out. He's learning to restrain himself and be confident in what he can do.

Dani, Model/Trainer

Great results if you are looking for fitness, toning, more energy, self defense, confidence, discipline, strength and flexibility... I could go on but you get the idea. There are beginner friendly classes and there are trials and offers that can save you a bunch of money when you come in for a free private lesson.

417 The Queensway S., Keswick Ontario L4P 2C7 E-mail: Tel: 905-476-6621

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